It seems like everyone uses Facebook messaging to communicate with friends, and Facebook is looking to monetize that usage by including ads from businesses. These businesses will be able to buy space between your chat threads for their ads. After good results in both Thailand and Australia, more users will see the ads on the home tab in the Messenger app.

How It Will Work

Not everyone will receive the same ads, nor will they appear in the same location in the inbox – it depends on the number of chat threads, the phone’s screen size, and pixel density.

Advertisers will be able to buy ads through either Power Editor or Ads Manager, allowing them to place ads in Messenger. But don’t worry – the ads won’t change depending on what a user writes, instead they will use the old familiar Facebook targeting that everyone is used to, including those measurement tools and at least 50 percent pixels for good viewability.

Not a Surprise

While these ads may come as a surprise to some users, Facebook actually began testing the ads back in January. The design has gone through some changes though, as it originally involved horizontal scrolling. Now it has single display ad design to align with the changes in Messenger’s redesign. People were having problems swiping through the ads on their screen without triggering the tabs in Messenger. Facebook took notice of this issue and immediately moved to resolve it so that people wouldn’t be frustrated by the experience and by trying to swipe through the ads.

Reasoning Behind This Move

Facebook is rolling out this new form of advertising partly because of concern about a slow in revenue growth. This is due to running out of ad inventory on the News Feed. When they realized this, they quickly moved to figure out how to place more ads in the program and apps. With more than 1.2 billion users on the Messenger app, it makes sense to try to monetize this.

It’s been over a year since Facebook began testing Sponsored Messages from brands that users were already familiar with and then allowing all developers to use this form of advertising. Back in 2015 is when Click To Message ads began. If you don’t remember, these ads allowed users to move from their News Feed into a conversation with a brand with only a simple click.

The new ads that will be displayed in Messenger will lead to a website inside the app’s internal browser. If this is not how a user wants to interact with the ad, they can work like Click to Message ads and open a message thread with that company. This will open the door for them to send you Sponsored Messages in the future since you will have had a connection with them.

More Updates

Facebook always takes its time rolling out new features, and these Messenger ads are no exception. Another change to keep an eye out for are payments that have been integrated into the Messenger system. This allows users to buy things directly through Messenger due to the in-app payment system. Messenger will now also be able to make recommendations on things you may want to buy due to your texts to other users.

While you can’t turn off the Messenger ads, it is possible to hide or report them using the down arrow on the bottom right of the ad. As long as the number of ads is limited, they shouldn’t change the feel and use of Messenger.