Yes, Google is making plans to create an ad blocker for Chrome which is built-in, rather than being an add-on! This is good news. The ad blocker may become part of the default settings for the Chrome browser or may be something that users are able to access if they prefer to.

Right now, details are a little hazy. However, you may rest assured that Google will do it all right when roll-out time rolls around!

But Why, Google?

Google relies on ads in order to stay super-profitable and amazingly successful. So, some people are wondering why the team at Google would be interested in creating a Chrome ad blocker which is built in. Smart industry experts believe that a Chrome ad blocker would be able to beat other blockers which cramp Google’s style. In fact, the Wall Street Journal put forth that viewpoint when it published an article about the ad blocker story…

For example, if Chrome has a Google-created ad blocker, it may be configured in order to target ads which tend to annoy Chrome users. Auto-playing video and audio ads are examples of annoying ads which might be targeted by the ad blocker, as are irritating pop-overs!

If Google takes care of these common problems, they’ll stop their Chrome browser users from running after add-on ad blockers created by other companies.

So, from this standpoint, the new development makes a lot of sense!

Many people have talked about the fact that Google isn’t crazy about needing to make business deals with the creators of third-party ad blockers (Adblock Plus is just one example). When Google comes up with its ad blocker, it’ll probably spell trouble for a lot of these third-party ad blockers. Few can compete with the strength and innovation that Google tends to produce on a regular basis!

Chrome is a Mega-popular Browser

Chrome currently claims fifty percent of users. It’s the preferred browser of half the world. If this new, built-in browser becomes a part of Chrome, it will change the face of ad blocking forever. While competitors may not like it, it’s safe to say that a lot of Chrome users who want to stick with Chrome settings, rather than downloading iffy third-party apps and extensions, will be happy campers.

At present, there’s no firm launch date for the new initiative. However, it’s almost certain that it’s coming!