AdsNative has raised eight and a half million dollars during a first round of funding. This company wants to fill up its “war chest” in order to create an alternative to the biggest ad servers in the marketplace like DoubleClick. The solution proposed by AdsNative is a new ad server which is optimized for mobile devices and has an optimal yield exchange and yield optimizer.

Tough Challenge Ahead

This new alternative is meant to solve problems for publishers who are having difficulty garnering native and mobile advertising profits via their websites. The overarching goal of AdNative’s Series A (first round) funding is to steal away clients from DFP. DFP is DoubleClick for Publishers and it’s owned by industry powerhouse, Google.

The co-founder and chief executive officer of AdsNative is Satish Polisetti and he feels that ad blocking immunity will be a key selling point for his firm’s alternative to DFP. The AdsNative alternative will load advertisements in the same places that content is loaded. It won’t require ad calls from outside, as DFP currently does. Ads will blend into content in a technological and visual sense. This means that ads served will be more difficult for ad blockers to target.

According to Polisetti, the initial brainstorming for the DFP alternative wasn’t the bypassing of ad blockers. Instead, it was the fast loading of ads and the ability to give publishers total control over their experiences.

AdsNative Background

AdsNative has been around for 2-1/2 years now and it has some blue-chip clients, including We Heart It, The Seattle Times, Disqus, Politico, Reuters and ABC News. It gets great results for newer firms and firms which stand to profit the most from creative ads of the native type. Publishers which are very established are more likely to stick with DFP, but the new alternative from AdsNative may offer sufficient rewards to finally woo them away from Google.

At present, several AdsNative customers, including Disqus and We Heart It, utilize the ad-serving technology created by AdsNative in order to make their own native advertisements, without needing to do every bit of the legwork on their own.

Investors Are Taking Notice

During first round funding, Interwest Parners and Rakuten Ventures invested the most and Onset Ventures also put in money. AdsNative plans to commit new funds from Series A investments to the process of enticing new publishers that are looking for “software as a service” and ad serving solutions which are at the enterprise level. AdsNative charges fees per month based on the amount of impressions which move via the platform.